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i7 6700k vs i7 7700k which is better ?

      Intel recently announced availability of its 7th generation Core desktop processor family codenamed "KabyLake". Leading the lineup is the Core i7-7700K. KabyLake is the second lineup of processors for the LGA1151 socket and is launched alongside the Intel 200-series Express motherboard chipset. These chips are compatible with existing 100-series chipsets (eg: Z170, B150) provided the board has the necessary BIOS update which enables support.

     Intel says these new line (kaby lake) has better performance than the previous one (sky lake)
but by how much better ? and should you upgrade from i7 6700k to i7 7700k, well we will try to answer that with a few benchmarks.

Effective Speed

Based on various test we found that the i7 7700k has 7% better performance than the i7 6700k, but is that enough to upgrade ?
I don't know... lets see more benchmarks

As you see the results was pretty similar with i7 7700K about 7% better than the i7 6700K.
there are a lot of other benchmarks to be done but the result will be the same a slightly better performance from the kabylake over the skylake.
Is it a good reason to upgrade for $350 ? hell no
But if you are about to get a new CPU then the 7th Gen worth the extra 40$ over the skylake.


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