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How To Download Counter Strike Global Offensive (Cs:Go) Latest Version 2018 For Free

Read this tutorial to learn how to download the latest version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free via the best launcher out there, and you can play both single players or multi player.

This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launcher has an auto-update, which means if a newer version comes out you can play it directly using this launcher without having to download another one.

To download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and start playing now follow these simple steps :

1) Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive torrent from here : Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (Wait 5sec then slick SKIP AD).

You will need utorrent to download, you can get it here : uTorrent Download

2) Wait for the download to finish :

3) After you finish downloading open the setup and wait for it to automatically install, then choose your: name, avatar, rank and click on play :

4) Choose a server form this list : List of CsGo servers, and join.

5)  Now you are Done! Enjoy the game .

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Download link ( in case you missed it ) :


Total Downloads: 


Support :

-You will need Java to play CsGo, you can download it here : Download DirectX
-If the game doesn't launch try opening it as administrator.

if you have any Problems/Question leave a comment down below and i will help you.


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