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How To Download Windows 10 For Free (Original Version)

In this tutorial i will show you how to download and install windows 10 the original version from Microsoft website on your computer without having to delete your existing files.

Before you start the process you must make sure that you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on your computer otherwise this won't work.

So to this you must follow these simple steps :

1) Go to this Microsoft page Here and download the windows 10 installer : (Size: 6MB) ..... (wait 5sec and then click "Skip Ad")

2) Open the program and wait for it to verify that your computer can run windows 10 .

3) Wait for the program to finish downloading Windows 10 (You can turn off your PC and continue later from where you left off ) :

4) When the program finish downloading Windows 10 it will install it Automatically (All your files will be saved ) :

5) When the installation finish the computer will restart and now you have a windows 10 ! :

When you start windows 10 you have to edit few settings (Display Settings) and update few softwares.

Windows 10 download link in case you missed it :


Total Downloads: 

- If you have any problem or questions leave it in the comments down below and i will reply as soon as possible.


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