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Minecraft Cracked Launcher 1.15.2 (TLauncher) - 2020

Read this tutorial to learn how to download the latest version of minecraft for free via the best launcher out there, and you can play both single players or multi player using this minecraft laucher.

This minecraft launcher has an auto-update, which means if a newer version of minecraft comes out you can play it directly using this launcher without having to download another one.

To start playing the game follow these simple steps:

1) Download the TLauncher:

 Download size : 14.3 MB + Installation Download.

2) Install the Launcher.

3) Open the launcher:

Insert a user name of your choice, select a version ans click on install.
You only need to install a version once, after that you can play it instantly.

4) The game will open, create a new world and start playing.

Download Link (In case you missed it):

if you have any Problems/Question leave a comment down below and i will help you.


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